#2 Heritage Hangar Tour + Sit In Spitfire


One of our first ever competitions!

A guided tour of the many Spitfires based at the Heritage Hangar, including the restoration projects, along with sitting in the cockpit of a Spitfire!

Winner is: Flynn Cremin

Ticket number: 67 Answer: Supermarine


There is a maximum of 75 entries for this competition.

The Heritage Hangar was founded in early 2011 to house the activities of The Spitfire Company (Biggin Hill) Limited, with the purpose of restoring a single Spitfire. From this it has grown to the point where it has now a whole squadron’s worth and completed its sixth airworthy example. At any one time, the hangar is a hive of activity with several ongoing restorations. In the past up close access to Spitfires has been available to only a lucky few, but now you can take a tour round the facility and see at first hand what goes into putting a Spitfire back in the air, how they are maintained and what is involved in their day to day running.

You’ll also have the privilege to sit inside the cockpit of a Spitfire too!

Location: Biggin Hill Airport, Kent

** Please note: Spitfire Competitions Ltd has no affiliation with the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar or Fly A Spitfire.com – This competition is not ran by the experience provider **

This includes**:

  • MJ627 1943 SPITFIRE T.9 2 SEATER
  • TA805 1944 SPITFIRE HF MK IX – Spirit of Kent
  • TB885 1944 SPITFIRE MK XVI
  • AE977 1940 HURRICANE X

Current Restoration Projects available to view include:

  • PT 879 1944 SPITFIRE F MK IX – ‘The Russian Spitfire’
  • MJ755 1943 SPITFIRE LF IX – Hellenic Air Force Museum
  • LZ842 1943 SPITFIRE MK IV
  • Visiting Battle of Britain memorial flight aircraft

** Aircraft availability is subject to change.


Something very exciting to look forward to while under lockdown!

COVID-19: No flight experiences or tours will be taking place until the disruption has passed, however you will be able to book and schedule your experience for any time in the future once government guidelines have been amended.

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* If all of the tickets do not sell out by the time of the countdown timer reaching zero, an additional 7 days will be added to the countdown. This 7 day extension can be repeated until a maximum of 4 times. If by 4 extensions the tickets have still not been sold out entirely, a cash alternative prize of 60% will be awarded instead of the original prize. *